Friday, October 15, 2010


Part of the TEMPORARY ART SOUVENIRS project was to see how we could communicate with people living in Murcia, who are not related to the Manifesta 8 event. How do they relate to Manifesta - do they know it is taking place at all? How do they react to our souvenirs? Many items in our shop refer to local issues, like water shortage, immigration, tourism and politics. We want to hear the opinion of different local citizens. The local media already gave us an amazing amount of attention, but still it is not always easy to reach people on the street. One of the reasons for this is that most of our knowledge of the Spanish language is very limited. What would we have done without our Julio Pastor!? The only native speaker in our group, and a natural communicator and salesman too!
Yesterday was a great day standing on the pedestrian bridge in the afternoon and evening. Many local passers by reacted to our shop and souvenirs. Without Julio's animated explanation this would not have happened.

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